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Семен Яковлевич Надсон.
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In Dreams

In my dreams I saw heavens bespangled,
  With silvery stars all adorned,
And pale green sorrowing willows
  Drooping low o'er the pale blue pond.
I saw in syringa embowered
  A cottage, and thou my heart's Dove -- 
And bowed was thy little curly head,
  My beautiful sad pale Love!

Thou wert weeping, the teardrops shining
  Were flowing from thy yearning gaze,
For love the roses wept also,
  For joy sobbed the nightingale.
And every tear found consoling -- 
  A greeting from near and from far,
The garden was lit by a glow worm,
  Enraptured the heavens a star!

Перевод: Марта Дикинсон Бьянки (1866-1943)

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